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How do I keep a scrapbook/journal?


Turn your journal into a scrapbook. On one page, paste in pictures, ticket stubs, notes, small scraps of paper or anything else that has some sentimental value. Then on the next page, write about the particular memory associated with those items. For example, maybe you and your child went to a baseball game. Paste in pictures of the two of you at the game along with your ticket stubs and/or scorecard. Then write about the day the two of you shared. Try to share as many specific details as you can so that when you go back and read it, the memory is as fresh as the day it happened.

How do I keep a Specialty Journal?

How do I keep a Specialty Journal?

You can purchase a blank journal and keep meticulous notes on your favorite topic or specialty. For example, if you want to keep a log of your dog's life you can write down his daily activities. However, you may worry that you are missing some pertinent information. If that's the case, check out Specialty Journals. These journals are specifically designed to focus on one topic. There are Dog Journals, Cat Journals, Restaurant Journals, Wine Journals, Reading Journals and many more with writing prompts that illicit so much information that you need not worry that you are forgetting anything important. Whichever option you choose, keeping a journal on a specific topic allows you to acquire valuable knowledge.

Is there a journaling group I can meet with in person?

Face-to-face Journaling is an online website that brings people, who share a common interest, together. There are Journaling Groups that meet in person in various US cities. Take a peek at their site and see if there's one in your area.

How do I keep an online journal?

What are weblogs?

You can either keep your journal writing in a private book or share your reflective journaling with everyone in a weblog. Weblogs are websites where you can do online personal journal writing and then people can read it. Are you passionate about an idea and want to get people thinking about it? Do you believe in a cause that you think others should know about? Or do you simply want to share who you are with the world? Whatever the reason for sharing, check out weblogs. Try searching any search engine with the keyword ´weblogs´ for more information.

Where can I join a journal club?

Online Journaling Clubs

Are there online journaling groups that I can join? Yes, there are! Check out Yahoo Groups or AOL Journals. You may also look up the word 'journal or diary groups' in the search engines to find what you need. Also, don't forget to ask your friends, online and offline, for recommendations. You'd be surprised how much information you can find just by asking for word-of-mouth recommendations.

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