Horse Diary for Children

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How can my child keep a horse journal?

Horse Diary for Children

Does your little one love horses? Try giving your child a diary with images of horses on the front cover. Use the pictures as inspiration for writing. Talk about how horses sometimes graze in fields and other times they gallop across the land. Then relate horse behavior to the release of thoughts on the page. For example, your child can either spend time writing about one main thought or write with the hope of capturing all different thoughts as they race through their head. This is a good precursor to more serious free-writing as it teaches children how to unleash their imaginations. Additionally, you can encourage your child to read both fiction and non-fiction books about horses. Then, they can write about them.



2/28/2009 8:35:49 AM
Kristi said:

I have journal that has a picture of a kitten between roses.
But I don't like this tip. I don't think that's how you write a diary or a horse diaries.


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