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What is the best time of day to journal when I am traveling?

Travel Journaling in the Morning

When you first wake up in the morning, take some time to write in your travel journal. Do not get out of bed, get coffee, eat breakfast or turn on the TV. Reach for your writing utensil and begin journaling. Some of our best thoughts, dreams, memories, and ideas are floating around our brain when we first wake.

Put the pen to the page and do not stop writing until you have filled two pages. Do not bother to edit yourself; just let your thoughts float onto the page. Then close your journal and do not read through that section for several days.

The benefit of this type of journaling is that it will allow you to record your freshest thoughts about your trip and the impression it is leaving upon your life.

How do I record travel experiences?

Journaling While Traveling

Capture every memory of your trip by journaling each evening before you go to bed. Open your travel journal and record your experiences.

What are the people like? Do they have different customs? Or do you know them well? Have you found an incredible restaurant or are you eating the best home cooked meals? Have you gone to see the sights or visited your favorite old haunts? Is there one moment from the day that stands out?

Long after your trip, you will be able to look back and smile as you remember experiences forgotten.

How do I record travel experiences?

Journaling After the Trip

All of our journeys change us in some way. When we travel we learn something new about ourselves and the people around us, even if we trek to the same place every year. When we keep a travel journal, we not only record the trip but we record the changes that take place in us as well.

What did you learn from this trip? What is one memory that will stay with you for a long time to come? How does it feel to be home?

Fill your journal with answers to these questions and more. Place ticket stubs, napkins, and keepsakes of all kinds in your journal. Once you have finished writing and sharing, take a copy of your favorite picture, the one that sums up this trip, and place it on the last page of your travel journal to save forever.

How do I keep a travel journal?

Travel Journaling Before the Trip

Before going on your trip, do a little journaling research. Find out all that you can about the place you will be visiting. Then write down your impressions/feelings/thoughts in your travel journal. Are you excited, nervous, or relaxed? What things do you imagine you will do? What do you hope to gain from taking this trip? Are you seeking adventure? Or is this a place you venture to quite often?

Do not read through the pages you wrote until you return from your trip. Then see if the journey fell short, matched or exceeded your expectations.

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