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How do I make a collage?

Collage/List Journal

Pick a list topic. Some sample topics for lists are: all the books you want to read, all the things you want to do in your lifetime, all the places you want to visit, etc. Choose one type of list to start with and then pick a number, for example 50. Always choose a number that feels comfortable as this will be a goal you will want to reach. So, on your journal page write, “50 Things I Want To Do In My Lifetime.” Then start going through magazines, books, the Internet, old photos, everything and anything. Find pictures of all the things you want to do, paste them on the page and if you cannot find a picture, then draw it. The point is to literally tip your head over and sprinkle the contents out onto the page. Wait at least two days before looking at your list collage journal page. When you go back and review, see if you notice any patterns emerge and then journal about them.

How do I keep a poetry journal?

Poetry/Photo Journal

A Poetry/Photo journal is a good way to explore your vision of the world. Start with one word; try writing about “water”. Let your thoughts explore all of the associations you have with water. Do you think about drinking a cool glass of water on a warm day? Or do you think about how raindrops sound when they hit the surface of a pond? Write down whatever comes to mind and then close your journal. Return to it the next day and begin to mold the sentences and words into a poem. Every poet has a distinct style and voice; work with your words, try to let your own voice come to the surface. Once you have finished your poem go out and take pictures, gather any old photos or cut ones out of magazines that that relate to the idea of your poem. Take those photos and create a border around your picture or use the next page of your journal to create a visual collage of your poem.

How do you keep an artwork journal?

Inspired by Museum Art

Take your journal with you to a local museum. Do not visit the sections you know, instead check out work by artists you may not normally enjoy or artists whose works you have never seen. When your eye lands on something new and interesting, stop! Spend some time focusing on the details; let your mind relax. If you are inspired to write or sketch right then and there, open your journal, put the pen to the page and start. Do not stop until you have completed at least two pages. Do not just write about or sketch the painting though, write about what it was that stirred you and what thoughts flew through your head while you were looking at it. If you prefer to write at home, see if the museum has a small postcard that you can take with you. Then when you get home, find a quiet space to partake in artwork journaling.

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