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What would be a great Christmas journal to give to someone?

The Best Christmas Journal Ever!

Want to make someone in your life smile and laugh out loud? Start by buying them a journal as a Christmas gift. Pick one that is either similar to a date book in that each page contains the date of the month and day of the week or buy a blank one and number each page with the day of the year. Then begin to write little sayings, ideas, and thoughts at the top of the page randomly, throughout the book. For example on January 12th you might write, “Remember to smile today,” and then skip to February 22nd where you might say, “Stand up no matter where you are or who you are in front of, throw your head back, close your eyes and sing at the top of your lungs. Do it NOW!” As they go through their days, they will run across these sayings, think of you, and more often than not, they'll call or email to say thanks for making them laugh! It's a great reminder to keep in touch!

How do I personalize my Christmas cards?

Personalized Christmas Cards

We spend a fair amount of time writing in our journal throughout the year. Some write inside a book thus keeping their writing to themselves while others write online, opening their thoughts to the world. Whatever you prefer, why not take the time this Christmas to personalize a piece of your writing and send it out to the people in your life. Create personalized Christmas cards. Open your heart to the people in your life and share your wishes for a happy holiday in a unique Christmas card. You can choose the words, the font type, even the color of the font. People will be touched that you took the time and will treasure your card long after Christmas is over.

What is a holiday journal?

Holiday Cards and Holiday Journals

When the holiday season rolls around we send and receive the smallest and most heartfelt gifts -- unique holiday cards. We remember the kindness of people during that time of the year and let it touch our lives but when the holidays are over – we can sometimes forget those good feelings. Try keeping a holiday journal. Think about each individual person on your card list this year and then start to explore your feelings about them in your journal. Is there someone you have lost touch with but miss terribly? What do you want to say to that person? When it comes to sending a card to the people we see all the time, do you want to share something that you don't everyday? Are there people who you feel obliged to write to? Work through the feeling of obligation through journaling and try to understand something deeper about your relationship to that person before you send a card – it may change what you say to them this year. Long after the season has drawn to a close, look back on your Holiday Journal and try to recapture that happiness.

What do I say in my thank you note?

Holiday thank you notes

When the holiday season has drawn to a close, remember to send thank you notes for the gifts you received from family and friends. Handwritten notes are meaningful because they can be saved. They say to the person you are writing to that you appreciated the gift and wanted to take the time to say thank you. When you write the note, be sure to mention the gift. For example, if someone gave you a journal you might try saying, “The journal is so beautiful that I cannot wait to spend time writing in it.” If it is a monetary gift, you can simply say, “Thank you for your generous gift.” At the end of the note, be sure to express how much it meant that they thought of you.

Where can I find contemporary Christmas cards?

Tropical Christmas Cards

As you string the lights on the Christmas tree inside, people are walking around in shorts and flip flops outside. Why? Well, its 75 degrees where you live! This year send a card that reflects your type of Christmas weather. Holiday Palm and Holiday Trailer are two types of tropical Christmas boxed notecards that celebrate the outdoor warmth around Christmas time. So, this year why not send a card to those loved ones who are bundled up in layers of clothes and share the fact that when Santa visits you – he'll be in shorts too!

Where can I find Holiday cards with images of New York ?

New York Holiday Cards

During the Christmas season, New York City is one of the most magical places in the world. An enormous snowflake hangs over 57th Street and by night it is lit up for all to see. Angels line the walkway as you walk toward the magnificent Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. People stop to stare at the department store windows decorated in honor of the season. If there is snowfall, Central Park becomes a wonderland for children and adults alike. It is at those times that you will see children dragging sleds behind them and adults making snow angels. If you have been to the city, then you know its enchantment. If you have never been, perhaps you might want to visit. Either way, send black and white NY Holiday cards this year and delight those in your life. Then, spend time journaling about the last time you visited NYC, your dream to visit or if you live in the city, journal about your favorite spots.

How do I keep a Christmas memory journal?

Christmas Notecards & Journaling

Children always seem to wear the season of Christmas right upon their faces. It is in their smiles, their rosy cheeks and the look of delight and wonder as they stare at the Christmas tree. has boxed Notecards - black and white photos of children enjoying the holidays - that capture the true spirit of Christmas. Take a look at these cards, then pick up your pen and let the floodgates of memory open upon your Christmas memories journal page. Think back to what Christmas was like in your home. What family traditions did you partake in? What was your favorite thing to do on Christmas night and then Christmas morning? What is the best gift you have ever given to a loved one? Write three pages without lifting the pen from the page. Read it later and see if there is anything you want to add to your Christmas celebration this year.

Where can I find Christmas cards with snow scenes ?

Holiday Landscape Notecards

Ice skating, sledding, big, floppy hats, silly snowmen, perfect snowflakes, snowball fights, hot cocoa and roaring fires are just some of the images that come to mind as winter rolls around and Christmas descends upon us. Whether you are live in an area with a large amount of snowfall, have visited such places or simply dream about them, try sending Christmas cards with snow covered landscapes this year. Inside the note cards send warm sentiments to those you love. Also, try keeping Christmas journal and write down all your thoughts about this holiday season. Tell tales about taking the children ice skating, going skiing with friends, decorating the Christmas tree while snow falls outside or simply sitting around a fire drinking a mug of something delightful.

What are cutsom imprinted cards for business?

Custom Imprinted Holiday Cards

That time of year is upon us again. It's time to let your employees and your customers know how much you appreciate them. You can do that with personalized, custom imprinted holiday cards. Go back and review all those notes you have taken in your business journal. Remember the things that went well with your customers and the progress your employees made within the business. Then take some time to think about what you want to say to them this holiday season. You can have your holiday cards custom imprinted with your words. Take a peek at to see how you can create unique, personalized holiday cards. Everyone you send cards to will appreciate the time and thought you put into wishing them well this year!

Where can I find free Christmas e-cards?

Free Christmas E-cards

You're sitting in your office or at home and suddenly have an urge to send a Christmas card to a special friend. Send it now with a free Christmas e-card! Stop by and visit the Holiday Time Collection. There you will find a Christmas e-card that´s sure to be the perfect fit for anyone in your life.

Where can I find holiday cards with images of animals?

Wildlife Christmas Cards

Animals enjoy the holiday season just as much as we do – or at least they seem happy when we dress them up. However, its not just domesticated animals that have all the fun. Deer who stumble across snowmen seem to be intrigued by the sight. Wild horses appear to enjoy bounding through mounds of snow! Polar bears like to slide down hills and when they tire, they curl up together. The holiday season brings out the best in each and every one of us. Try sending people wildlife Christmas cards. Also, you might spend time journaling about animals during the holidays. Write about your first pet, create your own holiday story about an animal or write about your favorite holiday cartoon character, such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

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