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How do I create a nature journal?

Rediscovering Nature Journaling

Life can often move at a hectic pace. As we rush to keep up with work, our relationships, our family, and household chores, we can begin to feel as though we are burning out. This is when we should turn to our journal and spend some time rediscovering nature.

Pick a quiet place within nature to sit – a park, on our backyard, by a river, by the ocean, in the woods – wherever you feel the most peace. Open your personal nature journal to a blank page. Focus on some aspect of nature – a bird, a deer, ripples on the water, the limbs of a tree or a blade of grass. After some time, put your pencil or pen to the page, close your eyes and draw. Try to communicate the imprint of the image on your brain through your hand to the page. Take your time. Breathe. Spend some time each week doing this and you will find you will be able to incorporate the peace of that moment into your life.

Copyright 2004 Natasha Reilly.

How do I create a nature journal?

Journaling about nature

Whether you live on a busy city street or a quiet, suburban road, there are beautiful creatures living all around you.

Is that a squirrel family living in the tree outside your window? The dog run at your local park is filled with dogs of all shapes and sizes, which is your favorite?

Open your Nature journal and write down your thoughts about animals, the environment, plants, flowers and trees. As you write, think about things you love and things you may want to help to make better in our environment. Sketch what you see and save leaves within the pages of your journal.

Copyright 2004 Natasha Reilly.

How do I keep a bird journal?

Bird Journal

Whether you have taken a sudden interest in the bird that lands upon your windowsill each morning or you visit the zoo regularly to cultivate your love of birds, you should try keeping a Birder's Journal.

Get yourself a field guide to birds so that you can learn about the many, many different types. Once you feel equipped to tell different birds apart, get a birder's journal where you can record bird activity. Keep track of things like the time of day you see particular birds. Notice if they are more apt to appear in certain types of weather. Do they travel alone or with a partner? Keep a running record of their behaviors. Try to sketch them on the page.

A bird journal provides you with the opportunity to learn more about nature and thereby develop a deeper relationship with the creatures that inhabit this Earth.

Copyright 2004 Natasha Reilly.

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