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How do I keep a Specialty Dog Journal?

Specialty Dog Journal

Your dog is your best buddy; you go everywhere together! Why not record everything your dog does in a Specialty Dog Journal? A specialty journal will allow you to record important information such as, visits to the vet and your dog's favorite activities. Write down your canine's likes, dislikes and favorite people. Take pictures of you dog and paste them inside.

A journal of this sort might come in handy if you have someone watch your dog while you are away because all pertinent information would be right at their fingertips.

Copyright 2004 Natasha Reilly.

How do I keep a specialty cat journal?

Specialty Cat Journal

You have so many different nicknames for your cat you can't keep track of them all. With a Specialty Cat Journal, you can! Jot down your favorite phrases along with information about when your cat was born, favorite foods, playful tricks, birthdays and immunizations. You can paste in pictures of your cat or even have your cat walk across one of the journal pages and leaves its paw prints.

Copyright 2004 Natasha Reilly.

How do I keep a cat journal?

Unique Cat Journal

If you could, you would have an entire house filled with cats. To your eye, each cat is as unique as a star in the night sky. So, why not keep a unique Cat Journal?

Take pictures of friend's cats, cut photos out of a magazine, or print out cat pictures from the Internet. Then paste them into the journal. Read all of the information you can get your hands on about cats perhaps even go to an animal shelter and ask questions. Then write about everything you learned.

Keeping a cat journal about the unique qualities of cats allows you to learn information about a subject that is important to you and become an expert on it.

Copyright 2004 Natasha Reilly.

Can I create a dog journal?

Journal for Dog Lovers

You love dogs more than any other creature. If you had a choice, you would have one of every kind! Try keeping a Dog Journal where you can collect information on all different types. Get a dog magazine and cut pictures out or print images off the web. Then lay them into your journal and write down all of the things that fascinate you about that particular dog.

Imagine what life might be like if you owned this canine. What would do? Play Frisbee? Take walks in the park? What do you think would be his/her favorite snack? Most importantly, what would the dog's name be?

Copyright 2004 Natasha Reilly.

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