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How do I record my dreams?

Dream List Journal

At different ages and times in our lives, we want to be all sorts of various things. Perhaps when you were a teenager you wanted to be a zoologist traveling the world to save tigers. In your twenties, you got a job as a teacher but secretly you wanted to be a tap dancer. In your thirties, you found yourself wishing to be a paleontologist. Whatever age you are, think about what you have wanted to be or what you still want to be. Then make a list of 15 to 25 things that you have wanted to do and still want to do with your life and record your answers in your dream journal. Do not edit yourself - dream big!

How do I record my dreams?

Write and Sketch Your Dreams

Keep your dream journal next to your bed when you sleep. Along with it, you should keep a pen – there are pens that light up as you write – and a flashlight. If you wake from a dream in the middle of the night, write it down. Do not worry about keeping your words on the line, just write. You can also try sketching the dream. In the morning, read over your dream. Are their portions missing? Do you remember them? What do you think your subconscious is trying to tell you? Journal about it for awhile and later, you may want to share it with someone you trust as others are often the ones who can see the things we cannot.

How do I find out about dream interpretation?

Dream Analysis

´Dreams generally point to our blind spot. They never tell us that we already know... The trouble with interpreting your own dreams is that you can´t see your own back. If you show it to another person, he can see it, but you can´t. And dreams point to your back, to what you don´t see, and you have to stand on you head, so to speak, to understand your own dreams.´ Marie-Louise van Franz worked closely with Carl G. Jung for almost 30 years. Jung was a ´pioneer in dream research´.

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