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Where can I find a wedding planner/journal?

Wedding Planner/Journal

Congratulations on your engagement. Now, its time to start planning! You may want to get a wedding planner that is also a journal. This will allow you to keep all your information --the reception hall, the wedding party, the music, flowers everything -- stored in one place while giving you an opportunity to write down your thoughts, feeling and impressions on the Notes pages on all that is happening in your life. For an idea, you might want to visit

Should I send personalized wedding thank you notes?

Wedding thank you notes

After your wedding and honeymoon, sit down and begin to work on your thank you notes. Do not send preprinted notes to your guests. They took the time to get you a gift and attend your wedding so give your thank you notes the personal touch. Handwriting your notes and addressing them to each person individually says that you not only appreciated their gift but you valued the thoughtfulness behind their attendance as well. Even if you did not like the gift, you should still send a note to say thank you for the thought. Remember to include a special thank you to those friends and family members who helped in setting up the wedding as well.

How do I keep an engagement journal?

Your Own Engagement Journal

You are both so excited to be getting ready to plan your wedding. However, you soon realize that there will be lots of people coming together for the first time and you wonder how they will all get along. People are suddenly sharing a million stories with you that you've never heard before and everyone has an idea about what you should want. Stop! Take the time for yourself to sit and curl up with your journal. It is a place where you can relive the memory of your engagement, talk about how you two first met, share stories and let off some steam! It is for you – decorate the pages with pictures from magazines, draw anything, write a poem, make lists of things to do, place keepsakes inside. Try to find a blank page journal for this and make sure it reflects you.

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