Dream Analysis

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How do I find out about dream interpretation?

Dream Analysis

´Dreams generally point to our blind spot. They never tell us that we already know... The trouble with interpreting your own dreams is that you can´t see your own back. If you show it to another person, he can see it, but you can´t. And dreams point to your back, to what you don´t see, and you have to stand on you head, so to speak, to understand your own dreams.´ Marie-Louise van Franz worked closely with Carl G. Jung for almost 30 years. Jung was a ´pioneer in dream research´.



8/6/2008 9:09:52 PM
Glynis said:

I agree with this tip. I conduct dream interpretations for a hobby and yet have difficulty with my own dreams. Sometimes I get close to what the issues are but usually it is not based on dreams but rather than people and situations around me. I focus heavily on body language and responses.


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