Rediscovering Nature Journaling

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How do I create a nature journal?

Rediscovering Nature Journaling

Life can often move at a hectic pace. As we rush to keep up with work, our relationships, our family, and household chores, we can begin to feel as though we are burning out. This is when we should turn to our journal and spend some time rediscovering nature.

Pick a quiet place within nature to sit – a park, on our backyard, by a river, by the ocean, in the woods – wherever you feel the most peace. Open your personal nature journal to a blank page. Focus on some aspect of nature – a bird, a deer, ripples on the water, the limbs of a tree or a blade of grass. After some time, put your pencil or pen to the page, close your eyes and draw. Try to communicate the imprint of the image on your brain through your hand to the page. Take your time. Breathe. Spend some time each week doing this and you will find you will be able to incorporate the peace of that moment into your life.

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