Specialty Cat Journal

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How do I keep a specialty cat journal?

Specialty Cat Journal

You have so many different nicknames for your cat you can't keep track of them all. With a Specialty Cat Journal, you can! Jot down your favorite phrases along with information about when your cat was born, favorite foods, playful tricks, birthdays and immunizations. You can paste in pictures of your cat or even have your cat walk across one of the journal pages and leaves its paw prints.

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7/13/2007 12:28:17 PM
Linda said:

About a year ago, a little black "starving" kitten showed up at our doorstep! We took her in, made her a part of our loving family, and named her Trixy! Since this is our first family pet, myself and my kids have really enjoyed watching her grow up and get really healthy and "fat". My husband is coming around also, he plays with her when he doesn't think anyone is watching :) She has such a wonderful and loving personality!! Also, I was wondering, what would I put on her paws to leave paw prints on the pages of the journal? I really think this is a fantastic idea! Thank you, Trixy's mom.


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