Title Your Journal

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Title Your Journal

Do you give a title to your journal? Do you choose a quote to guide you when you begin a new file or blank book? Are you interested in giving some direction to your journal at the beginning of a new blank book? I've heard stories of some people giving titles to their journals, because they had a topic in mind when they opened their blank book. It gave those writers a place to organize their thoughts on one topic. Rather than using their journal to cover all topics of interest, they preferred focusing on one topic in their journal. I've also used quotes, from one to three reflecting the direction I've want to go in my journaling at the beginning of my blank book. I believe that it helped me guide my thoughts and also served as a reminder to me when I was having a difficult day. On those days, when it seemed that all I could journal about was the awful stuff. I could look back at my quotes and be reminded that good things were going to come in the future, after the awful stuff passed. Where can you go to find quotes? Just about anywhere, in books, on the internet, by word of mouth from friends, etc. Inspirational quotes are my favorite, but there are so many others to choose from. Take some time to find the quotes that work for you and start using them at the beginning of your journal and throughout your entries. You will be glad that you did!

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