Teen Party Planning Journal

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How do I keep a teen party planning journal?

Teen Party Planning Journal

Teenagers love parties. Try getting your teen an interactive party planning journal. A journal of this type offers suggestions on party themes – Hawaiian Luau, Pretty in Pink 80's party – and advice on how to decorate, what food to serve and party favors to offer. Try to find an interactive party planning journal that also incorporates pages filled with space to create invitation lists, a calendar, party prep lists, and most importantly, a place to share fabulous party memories. This journal will teach teens how to plan an event, offer space for them to record party memories and allow them to brainstorm on what they might do differently next time.



6/14/2007 8:56:20 AM
MBWriter said:

You could just give them one big journal to write different things in. And for those mothers reading this...don't ever read her journal...because she will find out, and will never trust you again!


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