Family Memories Journal

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How do I keep a family memory journal?

Family Memories Journal

A Family Memories Journal is a wonderful journal to keep. All too often, people lose touch or stories fade with the passage of a family member. A Family Memories Journal allows you to create your family tree and then write in all the information about members. You can also keep family traditions – is there a great recipe that grandma used to make but never shared the secret too? Try to get it from her and include it in here. Is there a tale about old Uncle Joe that has grown taller with the passage of time? Write it down for future generations so that it is not lost. Old photos, although often worn with time and age, can be placed inside your journal for safekeeping. Along side the old photos, place new ones of you and of your own family. This can become a journal that can be added to as you grow older and then passed along to your children and grandchildren.



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