Wine Journaling

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How do I keep a wine journal?

Wine Journaling

When you attend a wine tasting or visit a vineyard, you experience the richness of flavor of various wines. When you find a couple that you love, how do you remember all the wine information? Keep a blank journal in which you write down the name of the wine and vineyard. In addition, discuss the flavors that delighted your taste buds. If you are new to wine tasting or just like to have information at your fingertips, try a journal that contains questions and wine terminology. An interactive wine journal asks questions about the producer, country, state, region, bouquet, body, balance, aroma, appearance, price, comments, and more. It even provides you with a place to store contact information. Regardless of which journal you choose to use, you will create a lasting book of information that you will be able to share with others who are interested in fine wine.



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