And you would be? Non-fiction exercise

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What non-fiction writing exercises will help me to write?

And you would be? Non-fiction exercise

When asked who we are, we often answer with little more than our name and occupation as though these are the only two factors that define us. Yet, we are so much more; we are all such incredible beings! Open your personal writing journal and begin to write about yourself but try describing your characteristics in relation to the Earth. For example, you are strong and tall like a Redwood Tree in the middle of a forest. When you dance, your body fills with a heat as intense as that of the desert at midday. When someone shares something truly funny with you, laughter rolls through your body and out into the world like ocean waves. When your child thanks you for your help with a project, you shine like a star in the night sky. Use any aspect of nature, including color and sound, to describe, not what you do but, who you are inside.



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