Poetry/Photo Journal

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How do I keep a poetry journal?

Poetry/Photo Journal

A Poetry/Photo journal is a good way to explore your vision of the world. Start with one word; try writing about “water”. Let your thoughts explore all of the associations you have with water. Do you think about drinking a cool glass of water on a warm day? Or do you think about how raindrops sound when they hit the surface of a pond? Write down whatever comes to mind and then close your journal. Return to it the next day and begin to mold the sentences and words into a poem. Every poet has a distinct style and voice; work with your words, try to let your own voice come to the surface. Once you have finished your poem go out and take pictures, gather any old photos or cut ones out of magazines that that relate to the idea of your poem. Take those photos and create a border around your picture or use the next page of your journal to create a visual collage of your poem.



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